Restoring dignity in the Namibian child

It is estimated that over 300 million children around the world can’t afford shoes and are going barefoot. In sub Saharan Africa, an estimated 20 million children are walking without shoes for long distances of ten having to endure either cold, rocky or very warm temperatures. Closer to home in Namibia, thousands of children in both urban and rural Namibia go through the same experience every day walking to school barefoot and putting them at risk of infection and even death from soil-transmitted diseases that enter their bodies through cuts in unprotected feet.
A child without shoes is normally one of the most visible signs of poverty. Children who get to school without shoes are always at risk of being teased and undermined by their friends, it affects their self-confidence and they lack hope which affects their purpose of life in the long run.

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Project Never Walk Alone will be a non-profit making initiative in every sense of the word. The project is a proud initiative of Mr Tim Ekandjo. All volunteers working on this project will charge no administration fee and all funds generated will therefore solely go towards the buying of shoes. The project has a dedicated bank account with Standard Bank called “Never Walk Alone” and on an annual basis this account and project activities will be audited and these reports will be shared with every sponsor that contributed to the project in the interest of good governance and transparency.

Mr Ekandjo has committed to making the very first contribution of N$100,000 that will buy at least 292 pairs of shoes to kick-start the project on a positive note.

The project will employ volunteers who will on a daily basis take care of the day to day administration of the project.  The project will run for as long as every Namibian child have a new pair of shoes, no matter how long it takes because we believe that no child should ever have to go barefoot.

Given this background, the purpose of this project is to raise funds on an annual basis to give needy Namibian children a brand-new pair of shoes every year. This will help them protect their feet and walk into life with confidence knowing that they are not alone, but protected by their shoes.

This will be a 100% leather school shoe that is Namibian made, with 80% of the material sourced in Namibia which makes it a truly Namibian shoe. The shoe has the quality to last for 5+ years.

The primary objectives would be to instil a new sense of confidence in these children, remind them that their lives, dreams and aspirations matter and that poverty is a state of mind that they can walk out of and that they are worthy. With Project Never Walk Alone, our message is that given the right shoes, these children can step into their own destinies no matter their current circumstances, because these shoes give them the opportunity to walk from right here to their dreams.

Our mission is to ensure that every Namibian child owns a brand new pair of shoes, restoring the dignity of those who has never owned a pair of shoes in their lifes before and allowing them to step into their destiny

“To turn every barefoot into a happy foot”

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