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Shilongo Leather

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  • 224 Industria Street Lafrenz Industrial Area Windhoek, Namibia

Shilongo Leather

Handcrafting memories, Building a legacy in each and every craftsmanship

Shilongo Leather Works is a family-owned business conceived out of a great passion to craft durable products that would not only create an appreciated brand but also build the Shilongo family legacy.

Launched in 1986 by Sakeus and Selma Shilongo; Shilongo Leather Works is embedded with a rich history of tenacity and honesty that brought about the existence of a now renowned handcraft leatherworks company.

A history of a man determined to use his craftsmanship to create a purely Namibian brand that would grow both in influence and quality becoming one of Namibia’s most favored brands of leather wear.

The success of Shilongo is built on a foundation of expert leather knowledge with an ongoing focus on research and development as well as ensuring staff is continually trained to be leaders in their field, which in turn ensures the production of fit-for-purpose high-performance leather products.

The manufacturing of leather goods goes from tanned leather to finished products. Most of the products are made from Kudu leather hence the company logo, so giving products a unique look.

Shilongo believes everyone deserves a chance to reach their potential and that’s why most of our employees are initially unskilled but would receive extensive training. The Founders’ expectation is that each employee will actively work towards a better operating environment. They always wish to foster a sense of belonging to this family business; their senior employee has been with the company since 1987.

Presently, the company has a workforce of over seventy (70) employees. Also making up part of the management are three (3) of the Founders children; who have also grown a passion to be part of the family business.

The secret to customer loyalty to the brand is because Shilongo has made a stance to build long-term relationships with customers by also listening to the customers’ needs and work with them to meet these needs.

At Shilongo, the growth of the company is a result of hard work from the top in the founders, right to the bottom-ranked employees thus teamwork. It has been the determination and focus that has seen the company strive at higher heights over the years. Other influencers such as services to the Government through tendering projects, exports of merchandise to other countries, and selling to other retailers has also brought about growth to the company.

The Shilongos are proud of the legacy they are building and our achievements so far. 2017 saw them opening a new factory, warehouse, and office building in the Lafrenz Industrial area and hosting a SADC delegation of over 80 delegates from different African countries during the SADC Summit that took place in Namibia.

In 2019 we reached an employee recruitment count of 70 employees; as well as opening their 6th retail store in Windhoek’s busiest mall which was officially opened by the then Minister of Trade, industrialization, and SME development, Hon. Tjekero Tweya. Over the years Shilongo has picked up numerous trophies and certificates of hard work and market dominance in the leather industry at almost every exhibition attended, with the recent being the Gold and Silver Awards at the Ongwediva Annual Trade Fair 2019 and Windhoek Show Grounds 2019 respectively.

Shilongo Leather has also been a pioneer in starting a school shoe production line and entering the school shoe supply industry.

“Focus on the bigger picture and don’t let go, remember that success does not come overnight.”

Mr. & Mrs. Shilongo

(Founders and Owners of Shilongo Leather Works)

Mission, Vision & Slogan

Our Mission is to offer the best leather products at the highest quality to our most valuable and commendable customers with only state of the art customer service

Our Vision is to become the number one supplier of leather products in both local and international markets, that will give an opportunity to employ big numbers and help curb the unemployment rate in Namibia

Our Slogan is Your quality products for life!


Shilongo Leather Works is registered in Namibia as a close corporation business, owned and founded by Mr. Sakeus Shilongo and his wife Mrs. Selma Shilongo in 1986, a 100% proudly Namibian owned brand

Customer Support

“We extend a vote of thanks to all our customers! We wish you a great shopping experience via all our sales platforms; we are highly at your service!” From the SLW Directors

Business Registration and Validity

  • Registration: CC/98/1587
  • Tax Registration: 02278714 – VAT, Import Tax, Income Tax, PAYE Tax
  • Social Security Registration: 20221372
  • SMME certification: SMME0216941/
  • Certificate of registration of a Factory: F310/2
  • Trademark registration with BIPA: NA/T/2016/105
  • Affirmative action compliance certification: 21 January 2021
  • International Standards Industrial Classification (ISIC): Section C, Division 15, Group 152, Class 1520